The Process

Building By The Book. One Step At A Time.

Capstone Building Corp. is an organization built on unconditional standards of performance, service and integrity. Before we undertook our first project, we literally wrote the book on procedure.

It’s a painstaking, step-by-step approach to planning and implementation that guides every decision we make on behalf of every client, on every job—regardless of size or scope.

Planning The Work – Working The Plan

Any builder can make promises. We’re in the business of keeping them. And when things beyond our control don’t go according to plan, we make adjustments. Not excuses. It’s called accountability, and it’s what we’ve built our reputation on.

Just as importantly, we keep our clients informed—ensuring that they know what we’re doing, and where we stand, without having to ask.

Committed Professionals, On-Site and Off

It takes quality people to do quality work, simple as that. At Capstone, we’ve built our company with quality people. Experienced professionals willing to accept responsibility, all joined in a common purpose: serving the client’s best interests every day.

We understand that your building investments are just that: Investments. We also understand that you don’t just want a builder, you want a building—and the quicker your project is completed, the quicker your investment starts generating revenue.

All of which is why no project ever gets less than our absolute best effort. No matter what.

- Testimonials -

The Capstone estimating team set a really high bar in the beginning. They have either met or exceeded that expectation throughout the construction process.

James Bobo II - Bobo Family

That's one thing about Capstone - their processes are what sets them apart - I've been in construction since the beginning, and Capstone is the most organized and detail-oriented contractor. They have internal procedures that you know where you are at any given time. OAC meetings are every 2 weeks - and there is nothing that isn't covered by those.

Bob Dull - Griffin Housing Authority

The superintendent has been my primary point of contact during construction and he’s been great to work with. He’s a real go-getter. The whole team has been solution oriented.

James Bobo II - Bobo Family

We often hear from people that the project looks like a condo complex rather than an affordable housing property. Capstone did a wonderful job working with the architect. The quality of the work is great. We’ve very happy with how the project turned out.

Gary Schwartz - McCormack Baron Salazar Inc.

Pennrose has been a long-time client of Capstone Building Corporation (since 2008), completing over 25 projects for a total value of $235,000,000. We have always found them to be particularly attentive and reliable and always finishing on time and on budget.

Mark Dambly - Pennrose, LLC

The team did a good job, they started with some severe design problems with the fire sprinkler system. The Capstone team helped work through them, and ended up finishing on time, quite an accomplishment. It came together and they worked with the architect and us too.

Mike Carpenter - BLOC Global Group

Of the contractors we have worked with in the last 4-5 years, they are by far better than others we have worked with - tremendous.

Ben Blackburn - Innova

This was an incredibly difficult and complex job with significant undiscovered challenges. Capstone was extremely responsive and worked to solve problems quickly. They are very good on their feet.

Richard Barnhart - Pennrose, LLC

The clubhouse was finished a couple of weeks ago. Hands down it was one of the better initial buildings we have done - the finishes, the quality, and the lack of items on the punch list - it was a very good product.

Joseph Welden III - StoneRiver Company LLC

I was very impressed with the superintendent and the overall project team -- they were detailed in their communication and professional. This was a complicated site with many steps in the building process to mitigate the site’s challenging topography. Capstone nailed it.

Highland Building Group

It was a complicated job, but Capstone exceeded expectations. The owners are very happy with the final project.

Highland Building Group

I like Capstone. I have a good relationship with senior leadership. If there’s a problem, I have access and they are sensitive to my concerns.

Mike Carpenter - BLOC Global Group

This is our 15th project with Capstone. Unless their attitude changes, they will continue to be our primary builder on multi-family.

Mike Carpenter - BLOC Global Group

Capstone stands behind their construction if a problem occurs after the project is delivered. They are responsive to resolve issues… this is huge for owners.

Kevin Johnston - Phillips Development

Their stream of work comes from their relationships with clients, high level of service, and bending over backwards to do what it takes.

Ben Blackburn - Innova

They are problem solvers, not finger pointers like a lot of contractors.

Ben Blackburn - Innova

Whenever there is an opportunity for a project, and people ask me who to call, my first response is Capstone.

Ben Blackburn - Innova

Everyone struggles at the end, but Capstone does it better than all the others. They give it the manpower to close it out.

Ben Blackburn - Innova

I was pleasantly surprised with Capstone. They have done a great job managing the schedule in particular. The overall quality of work was very good, and their communication and documentation was very professional.

Highland Building Group

Given the size and complexity of the project, I’ve been impressed with the vendors hired and brought in to make up time.

Highland Building Group

I won’t have any other construction company than Capstone. I am entirely committed. I tell everyone about them. On a Housing Authority project, I come with the General Contractor on the team - this is uncommon. I identify them as a key component of our team.

Mark Straub - Pennrose, LLC

I’ve managed hundreds of jobs for developers over the years, and I have to say Capstone Building Corp. is one of my favorite contractors to work with, as I know that no matter what crazy stuff happens during the course of a project, they’ll make it all work out.

Richard Barnhart - Pennrose, LLC

What matters to me is working with a builder who understands what’s important to us. That’s Capstone.

Jim Walley - Millenium Consulting, Inc.

The entire process was very collaborative. Everyone from Capstone was there to accommodate us... They were there with us through the end.

Tom Trubiana - Allen and O-Hara

Following Through. Following Up.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s not enough to complete a job on time. It’s got to be done right. Which means doing the job right from the beginning. Capstone enters every project with an eye on the end result—making sure clients know exactly what to expect.

During pre-construction, we work closely with architects and engineers—offering practical solutions to every challenge, from scheduling to material selection. We’ll also be there to handle problems and complications after our work is complete. Because as far as we’re concerned, a job isn’t finished until you say it’s finished.

Whatever your next project demands, call the company that wrote the book on building.

One step at a time.

Ready to build?