The Process

Building By The Book. One Step At A Time.

Capstone Building Corp. is an organization built on unconditional standards of performance, service and integrity. Before we undertook our first project, we literally wrote the book on procedure.

It’s a painstaking, step-by-step approach to planning and implementation that guides every decision we make on behalf of every client, on every job—regardless of size or scope.

Planning The Work. Working The Plan.

Any builder can make promises. We’re in the business of keeping them. And when things beyond our control don’t go according to plan, we make adjustments. Not excuses. It’s called accountability, and it’s what we’ve built our reputation on.

Just as importantly, we keep our clients informed—ensuring that they know what we’re doing, and where we stand, without having to ask.

Committed Professionals, On Site and Off.

It takes quality people to do quality work, simple as that. At Capstone, we’ve built our company with quality people. Experienced professionals willing to accept responsibility, all joined in a common purpose: Serving the client’s best interests every day.

We understand that your building investments are just that: Investments. We also understand that you don’t just want a builder, you want a building—and the quicker your project is completed, the quicker your investment starts generating revenue.

All of which is why no project ever gets less than our absolute best effort. No matter what.

“The entire process was very collaborative. Everyone from Capstone was there to accommodate us with whatever changes we had, including design. They were there with us through the end. We even had to accelerate the completion date–and they did it. With their construction management, whatever issues came up, they always handled everything very amicably, and solved the problems.”

Tom Trubiana – (Allen and O’Hara)

Following Through. Following Up.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s not enough to complete a job on time. It’s got to be done right. Which means doing the job right from the beginning. Capstone enters every project with an eye on the end result—making sure clients know exactly what to expect.

During pre-construction, we work closely with architects and engineers—offering practical solutions to every challenge, from scheduling to material selection. We’ll also be there to handle problems and complications after our work is complete. Because as far as we’re concerned, a job isn’t finished until you say it’s finished.

Whatever your next project demands, call the company that wrote the book on building.

One step at a time.

Ready to build?